Ted Dalrymple, Class of '51

Ted Dalrymple rose to the very top of his profession. At the time of his retirement he was Vice President of Sales in a very large international manufacturing company. He proved to be so successful that the company sent him to London, England to be the head of overseas sales. He didn't forget us though. I remember that he arranged a business trip to the states so he would be home in time for one of our reunions. That's just the kind of guy he was.

His beginnings as a boy were quite different. As a youngster, he lived on a very small farm with his family in Palisades. His father, a WWII veteran, developed a mental illness l and was sent to a veterans hospital on the coast where he remained until his death. Ted was so young that he had no memory of his dad. His mother was forced to move the family to an upstairs apartment in Waterville where she acquired a job in the County Clerk's office. It wasn't long before she became our County Clerk and she remained in that position for 24 years or more. 

It was under these conditions that Ted became the football team's quarterback, the basketball team's point guard, the baseball team's first baseman and he even found time to achieve valedictorian of our class. He has many more achievements but far too many to list here. He truly was a Super Achiever.