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Duane DahlkeDuane Dahlke Duane DahlkeDuane Dahlke
Dick LudemanDick Ludeman Dick LudemanDick Ludeman
David ParryDavid Parry David ParryDavid Parry
Clyde JonesClyde Jones Clyde JonesClyde Jones
Clayton LemingClayton Leming Clayton LemingClayton Leming
Linda BadtenLinda Badten Linda BadtenLinda Badten
Lawrence EggersLawrence Eggers Lawrence EggersLawrence Eggers
Karl RejniakKarl Rejniak Karl RejniakKarl Rejniak
Jerry RipleyJerry Ripley Jerry RipleyJerry Ripley
Elonna ViebrockElonna Viebrock Elonna ViebrockElonna Viebrock
Doris EggersDoris Eggers Doris EggersDoris Eggers
Dawn ClementsDawn Clements Dawn ClementsDawn Clements
Clarence EggersClarence Eggers Clarence EggersClarence Eggers
Cheri LandonCheri Landon Cheri LandonCheri Landon
Bruce GuskyBruce Gusky Bruce GuskyBruce Gusky